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In our daily lives we have become increasingly dependent on technology. In fact, in the past few months, many of us might even argue that without the digital technology that we depend upon for connection and delivery of work and services, our economy would be crippled beyond recognition and far beyond the recession we’re facing now. Yet, despite the daily, hourly and often constant demands we place on the digital technology at all of our fingertips, few of us are aware of the critical infrastructure behind it keeping it running.

No matter who your cellular and home internet providers are, chances are you have an opinion about their service and it boils down to one thing: reliability. Cell phones are such an indispensable part of our lives that for many of us, it’s the last thing we look at and the first thing we pick up when we go to bed and wake in the mornings. The information, connection, and ability to work when away from our office or company location have not only become a welcome convenience, at this point it’s expected. Most people aren’t thrilled to admit it, but many of us are keenly aware we couldn’t survive much time, especially not hours or days, without our cell phones. Home internet service is no longer a luxury but an essential utility service for most Americans. When the pandemic forced the closure of schools, the education of our children depended upon families’ ability to access reliable home internet. School districts deployed hot-spot internet buses around communities to ensure every student had access to the digital instruction and assignments being created around the country.

Now, more than ever, Dantherm’s solutions that keep millions of technology users around the world connected have become a critical part of daily life. When we’re working, you never know it. When Dantherm thermal management and cooling solutions are keeping the world’s largest cellular and internet providers’ equipment safe and running as it should, working parents are able to connect to video conferences and their children are able to complete their school assignments. When Dantherm solutions alert technology companies of a service or maintenance need before it becomes an outage, family movie night continues without a hitch. When our engineers create a solution that keeps the technology and wireless grid up and running without fear of an entire network going down because it cannot handle the increased demand of more homes accessing digital services than ever before, lives around the world improve. Lives improve because families connect with their grandparents in a safe manner. Lives improve because companies whose offices had to close for public health reasons can continue connecting their teams and providing their services that keep the local and global economies running.

It’s possible Dantherm’s solutions are touching almost every aspect of our daily lives. However, if we’re doing our jobs well, you’ll never know we exist. When our solutions solve problems our customers thought couldn’t be solved, millions of families go to work, go to school, and connect with their loved ones. For us, that’s time well spent.