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Electric grid transmission and distribution control houses contain critical components such as relay switchgear, power switchgear and other sensitive devices that generate heat during operation. To mitigate the risk of overheating and ensure efficient operation, various climate control methods are employed. Commonly used cooling solutions include various methods of forced air cooling, where fans circulate air to dissipate heat, and liquid cooling, which involves the use of coolants to absorb and transfer heat away from equipment. Regardless of the type of climate control method chosen, reliable, powerful performance is required to ensure longevity and consistent operation of critical infrastructure equipment.

Reliable, Connected Climate Control

Control houses in electric grid T&D facilities often face challenging environmental conditions, including temperature variations, dust, and potential exposure to harsh weather. Cooling systems need to be robust and well-built to withstand these conditions.

Dantherm Cooling’s wide range of climate control systems are designed with performance in mind, offering wide operating temperature range, precise temperature control, remote monitoring capabilities and low maintenance requirements making them the ideal choice for critical infrastructure applications.

Suitable Products:
PrecisionAir – Performance Cabinet HVAC and Heat Pump Systems
PrecisionAir WS & SL – Wall Mount HVAC and Heat Pump Solutions
CoolCore – Revolutionary Liquid Cooling Systems