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Revolutionary Liquid Cooling for Battery Core Systems

Dantherm’s CoolCore® fluid cooling is specifically designed for cooling battery cores at the heart of high-density Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and is engineered to address and solve the demanding heat load removal applications encountered in these systems.

The heat captured in the fluid is extracted and then exhausted from the cabinet by Dantherm’s PrecisionAir® cooling technology. The compact design provides and facilitates easy access to inspect and repair all critical components of the unit.  The stainless-steel reservoir of the fluid circuit utilizes a dedicated pump to ensure uninterrupted flow. 

This system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and use applications.

  • AC powered units available
  • Cabinet mounted units feature high-quality, high-performance, high-static pressure BCI fan
  • Dantherm’s PrecisionAir® technology is incorporated to remove the captured heat and release it outside the cabinet
  • Cooling fluid is contained in welded stainless steel tank
  • Fluid cooling is controlled by ECM high efficiency ECM circulator pump
  • Fluid supply and return connections are 1-inch female NPT fittings for easy installation and service

CoolCore™ 48K