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Technology & Features

An economizer style unit with easy retrofit as a back-up cooling system.

Dantherm EcoFlow® patented technology, cabinet cooling systems are designed to be used in conjunction with our PrecisionAir® cabinet series air conditioners.  They are easy to install and ready for installation in a wide-range of cooling applications and capacities.  

EcoFlow systems mount between the existing PrecisionAir® unit and its cabinet to provide free convection cooling with outside cooler ambient air replacing the higher temperature internal air.  When circumstances cause the air conditioner to shut-down the EcoFlow independent fan turns on and forces cooler ambient air into the cabinet and moves the warmer air outside throughout the unit.  The design has been optimized to keep dust and contaminants out of the incoming air stream.  

EcoFlow® technology is the ideal solution when paired with the PrecisionAir® cabinet series air conditioner and utilized as an emergency back-up until normal external power is restored.

  • Self-contained, independent ambient free air cooling
  • Cabinet Mounted Units feature high-quality, high-performance, high-static pressure BCI fan
  • Unit is very efficient and has extended runtime during back-up emergency power requirements
  • Both AC and DC Powered units are available
  • Unit employes passive, free convection air cooling technology
  • Outside air manifold is designed to reduce noise and provide pro¬tection from airborne contaminates

EcoFlow® 120