Technology And Innovation

Dantherm Cooling specializes in climate control applications for electronic equipment cabinets and enclosures. We pride ourselves on three factors that set us apart: the innovative engineering of our unique technology applications, the modular flexibility of our solutions, and the cost-effectiveness of our products.


Innovative Engineering

Our equipment designs are solid, our products are reliable, and our team of air flow experts loves to solve challenging problems.

Our ground-breaking engineering makes many of our products—such as our controllers and thermosiphon applications—exemplary to the markets we serve.

Dantherm Cooling is already a market leader in the telecom industry, where we’re known for high-quality, energy-effi­cient products, a broad portfolio of customizable solutions, and exceptional customer service.

Our engineers have a proven track record of designing custom products and new solutions that allow us to apply our technologies to a wide range of industries that require thermal protection for critical equipment.

Modular Flexibility

Dantherm Cooling products are specifically designed to meet a customer’s unique requirements. While all of our product lines have standard options ready to be deployed, we can modify a product’s appearance and features to exact specifications (where possible).

All of our standard units possess a high degree of customizability, particularly in our controller systems which can effectively manage multiple units and configurations, as well as total energy consumption.

Our engineering team is nimble and has the freedom to modify products to meet specific applications and conditions—something that few others in our industry have the capacity or willingness to provide.

Cost Effective Products

Dantherm Cooling solutions are premium products without a premium price. We have a solution to meet any budget requirement, without sacrificing the high quality standards of our engineering.

Our energy-efficient products and smart controller technology enable our customers to realize actual economic benefits by significantly reducing operating expenses, protecting critical assets from damage, and extending the lifespan of equipment through optimal thermal environments.

Best of all, our products use high-quality components that are built-to-last, environmentally sound, and easy to access for routine maintenance.