To meet the rising demand for passive cooling systems, Dantherm Cooling custom-engineered a unique, patented thermosiphon heat exchange technology. Using the thermodynamic principle of convection, our ThermoFlow system delivers maximum closed loop air cooling without traditional mechanical parts.

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Technology And Features

With our proprietary thermosiphon heat exchange technology, Dantherm Cooling delivers a compact solution with higher passive cooling capacity than standard air-to-air heat exchangers.

The ThermoFlow system uses a working fluid-based heat exchange without a compressor. The only moving components are two energy-efficient fans and the natural convection of the working fluid within the internal coil.

As the internal coil absorbs the heat inside the cabinet or enclosure, the working fluid begins to circulate. This phase shift convective movement causes the fluid to evaporate into gas. The ThermoFlow unit utilizes this phase-shifting energy to generate passive heat exchange and cool down the inside of the cabinet or enclosure—an elegant, energy-saving solution.

The ThermoFlow system is driven by an energy-optimizing controller and control strategy that generates closed loop cooling and maintains a clean internal environment within the cabinet or enclosure.

The absence of a compressor eliminates the tiny movements it normally creates in standard heat exchangers, enabling the  ThermoFlow to achieve a high IP Class.

The ThermoFlow’s engineering includes low pressure drop over the coils, fan speed regulation, and other energy efficient components such as micro channel coils and industrial fans, enabling it to generate high capacity at both high and low ambient conditions, using a minimum of energy.


  • Closed loop cooling
  • Energy-efficient
  • Uses convection technology that eliminates the compressor
  • Low pressure drop over the coils
  • Two energy-efficient fans
  • High capacity at high and low ambient conditions
  • Long service life
  • High IP class

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