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Technology & Features

Patented Thermosiphon Heat Exchange Technology with High Efficiency, Closed-Loop Cooling For Electrical Gear, Electronics, and Mechanical Equipment Enclosures

Dantherm Cooling’s ThermoFlow heat exchange technology delivers a compact solution with greater passive cooling capacity than standard air-to-air heat exchangers. The Dantherm ThermoFlow system uses a working fluid-based heat exchange without a compressor and the only moving components are two energy-efficient fans and the natural convection flow of the working fluid within the internal coil.  As the internal coil absorbs the heat inside the cabinet or enclosure, the working fluid begins to circulate. This convective movement causes the fluid to undergo a phase-shift and evaporate into gas. The ThermoFlow unit utilizes this phase-shifting energy to generate passive heat exchange which cools down the inside of the cabinet or enclosure – an elegant, and economical, energy-saving, closed-loop cooling solution.

  • Energy savings delivers high return on initial
  • Low operating cost with low dollar to watt ratio
  • Features patent pending Dantherm thermosiphon technology
  • High-quality, high performance, high-static pressure fans
  • Engineered for high-energy efficiency and maximum thermal transfer capacity
  • Closed-loop cooling prevents ingress of contaminants
  • Compact, lightweight units with easy installation
  • Common mounting patterns offer flexibility and efficiency
  • Limited wear items and moving parts
  • Fan speed controller with alarm output allow performance tuning to specific application