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Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Temperature Control and Closed-Loop Cooling For Electrical Gear, Electronics, and Mechanical Equipment Enclosures

Dantherm Cooling’s HexFlow cooling systems feature high heat-removing performance, low power consumption, minimal maintenance requirements and reduced noise emissions, making the HexFlow system a great choice for maintaining an ideal temperature-range for electrical equipment, electronics and other heat-senstive systems. 

Dantherm’s heat exchanger technology uses an air-to-air closed-loop heat exchange circuit that extracts heat from the enclosure’s interior and replaces it with cooler air, providing continuous heat removal and cooling to the equipment inside the enclosure.  High static pressure BCI fans ensure maximum airflow and counteract high static pressure resistance in densely-populated electrical enclosures. The Dantherm HexFlow system is close-looped, filterless and CFC and refrigerant-free, providing an environmentally-friendly, reliable, low maintenance, and low operating cost cooling solution that can often be installed without powering down the site. 

  • Closed-loop cooling prevents ingress of contaminants
  • Filterless design requires little to no service
  • Compact, lightweight units with easy installation
  • Environmentally-friendly design, CFC and refrigerant-free
  • Quality, high-performance, high-static pressure fans
  • Efficiency coated aluminum cross-flow core
  • Engineered for extreme and/or corrosive environments
  • Designed in accordance with GR-487 specifications
  • Fan speed controller with alarm output allows performance tuning to specific application
  • Stainless steel material and custom paint finishes are available