Designed for challenging environments with high ambient temperatures, Dantherm Cooling’s PrecisionAir® closed-loop air conditioners deliver efficient, reliable climate control for critical equipment applications.

1K | 2K | 4K-6K | 10-14K | 24-28K

PrecisionAir® BMK series

Drop-in universial replacement for wall-mounted HVAC equipment

BKM1  –  Bolt  on  replacements  up  to  6 tons
BMK2 – Slim Design, Big Capacity up to 6 tons
BMK2 DUAL – Ultimate Capacity up to 12 tons

4 Ton | 5 Ton | 6 Ton | 8 Ton | 10 Ton | 12 Ton

Technology & Features

PrecisionAir® plug-and-play cooling systems are easy to install and ready for duty in a range of capacities. Our closed loop technology maintains a clean, internal environment for optimum performance and maximum service life of the electronics inside the cabinet or enclosure.

Engineered for superior cooling over commercial air conditioning units, PrecisionAir® systems draw warm air from the top of an enclosure, transfer the heat outside, and then return cool air to the bottom of the enclosure while ensuring that dust and moisture stay out.

  • Closed loop cooling
  • Compact, mono-block, plug-and-play (easy installation)
  • High performance
  • Brushless, permanently magnetized motor
  • High-quality components
  • Weather-proof casing
  • Easy access to components
  • Advanced control boards
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • Fault alarm output and short cycle protection
  • Lead-lag, operational log, and PC communication
  • Uses envir`onmentally-friendly R134A refrigerant
  • UL/cUL recognized
  • RoHS compliant

PrecisionAir® Products

PrecisionAir® 1000

PrecisionAir® 2000

PrecisionAir® 4000

PrecisionAir® 6000

PrecisionAir® 10000

PrecisionAir® 12000

PrecisionAir® 14000

PrecisionAir® 24000 / 28000

PrecisionAir® BMK series

PrecisionAir®  BMK1

4,5,6 Ton

PrecisionAir®  BMK2

4,5,6 Ton

PrecisionAir®  BMK2 DUAL

8,10,12 Ton


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