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Mobile modular buildings are used for a wide variety of applications including offices, classrooms, or construction site facilities.  Due to the wide range of climates these buildings are used in, powerful and energy efficient climate control systems are required while maintaining an optimal decibel level conducive to work and study. Reliable and powerful cooling solutions are required to ensure occupant well-being, productivity, and equipment longevity.

Powerful & Quiet Wall-Mount HVAC Solutions

Expanding on Dantherm’s proven performance of the PrecisionAir line of products, the PrecisionAir WS & SL line of products are engineered wall-mount AC and heat pump solutions that are ideally suited for the mobile modular industry. Our systems are specifically designed to offer powerful, yet quiet performance using a state-of-the-art design and modern high-efficiency components delivering performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, and maximum service life.  With a wide range of capacities, options and accessories, as well as the industry’s first slim profile design (PrecisionAir SL) a solution that is powerful, quiet,  and energy efficient can be adapted for any mobile modular environment.

Suitable Products
PrecisionAir WS & SL – Wall-Mount HVAC and Heat Pump Solutions