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There are many things a company or leadership team might aspire to be known for, but have you ever encountered a team that calls themselves crazy?

At Dantherm, you’ll learn we view crazy as a compliment and a mantra. Look up the word crazy in the dictionary and you’ll find a definition offering some form of explanation that the word is an adverb expressing an extreme state of being. We can agree with that. We are extremely passionate about creating solutions for our customers to protect their critical equipment and systems.

Dantherm uses crazy to describe our approach to solutions and engineering for our customer’s needs because, well, it just fits. We’re crazy enough to believe we can achieve the impossible. We’re building a reputation for providing cooling and thermal management solutions for critical network systems and services that prevent costly and time consuming outages and breakdowns. Even better, we’re the proud owners of a reputation for being able to solve some of our customer’s most complex challenges, challenges other providers couldn’t solve.

Thermal management and cooling systems can be one of the most overlooked yet often one of the most important components of the industries we serve. Our engineers consider the specific pain points our customers are experiencing with their current climate control solutions and how to eliminate those issues. That’s where the crazy comes in. We’re designing solutions to protect the critical equipment that supports millions of essential systems around the world, such as data centers, utilities, battery storage solutions and more. When our customer’s equipment goes down, the ripple effect of their own pain is felt around the world. That kind of impact leaves little room for mediocrity or good enough. No, when you operate on a mantra that your team is crazy enough to solve the most complex challenges faced by the industries you serve, good enough is not the goal.

Dantherm prides itself on being an engineering focused company.

Cue the engineering jokes, but think of the last time your cellular or wireless service went down. Think of the effect it could have if a system managing a power grid or navigating critical railroad shipments fails. We focus on designing for our customer’s needs and pain points, rather than designing what we think the market may need, no matter how big or daunting the problem may seem. We’ll take on the problem and we won’t stop until we find a solution. Sound crazy? That’s exactly what we’re going for.