Cooling from a different perspective.

Dantherm Cooling combines high-quality engineering with unique modular technologies to create flexible, energy-efficient cooling solutions for equipment cabinets and enclosures.


We’re Thermal Control experts. We lead in this industry because our highly-trained, certified engineers design unique, environmentally-friendly solutions that keep sensitive electronics cool while saving energy.


Our far-reaching products are easily deployed to applications across a wide range of industries. We can even custom engineer a solution to exact specifications.

High Value

Our cost-saving products are built-to-last using high-quality materials and best-in-class designs. We also maintain a full inventory of replacement parts to minimize downtime and make maintenance fast and simple.

Our Products


Our air-to-air heat exchangers provide cost-effective, energy-e­fficient temperature control.


Our proprietary heat exchange technology delivers maximum thermal control in a passive system without traditional mechanical equipment.


Our closed-loop air conditioning units deliver efficient, reliable climate control to critical equipment applications.


Our energy-saving, free air cooling solution gives you flexible options for total heat management.


Our environmentally-friendly free-air cooling unit with backup A/C helps you save energy as outside temperatures fluctuate.


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