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For more than 30 years, Dantherm Cooling has established itself as a leader in innovative cooling and heat pump systems, supplying more than 300,000 climate control units to mission critical applications. Now, Dantherm is pleased to introduce the PrecisionAir WS (Wide Series) and SL (Slim Line Series) product lines in 2-5T packages with innovative wall-mount climate control systems with energy efficient performance in mind.

Designed for a wide variety of applications where precise, powerful temperature control is critical, the WS and SL combine state-of-the-art engineering design and high-performance component selection to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency for wall-mount air conditioners and heat-pumps.

Performance Features:

BCI Fan Technology: PrecisionAir WS and SL units utilize state-of-the-art backwards curved centrifugal impeller fans (BCI) designed for high performance and energy efficiency. BCI fans deliver powerful air movement at high-static pressures enhancing the overall performance of the system and increasing efficiency.

Closed-Loop Cooling Design: Engineered with a closed-loop cooling design, the PrecisionAir WS and SL optimize thermal management by efficiently regulating the temperature within the controlled environment. This design not only enhances system performance, but also contributes to energy savings and protection from outside contaminants.

Precision Control: Leveraging performance benefits from the BCI fans, closed loop cooling design, and an optional ACG-7 controller, PrecisionAir WS and Sl deliver unmatched precision and control over a thermal environment. Operators can easily monitor and adjust settings, while remote access capabilities enhance convenience and accessibility.

Quiet Performance: Utilizing design techniques and carefully selected components, Dantherm Cooling delivers powerful performance while maintaining noise levels at 60-70 decibels. This level of quiet performances makes the WS and SL ideal for noise sensitive environments like modular buildings, work environments and schools.

Ease of Use: Designed with customers in mind, the WS and SL product lines were developed with a reliable design, minimizing required maintenance. Safe installation is aided by optional lifting hooks and integrated bottom fork pockets while ongoing servicing of the device is simplified replaceable components and easy filter access.

We are excited to launch the Dantherm PrecisionAir WS and SL lines, a result of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance climate control. With our first units already installed and operating in the field, we are excited for our customers to experience the performance capabilities and reliability of our new products. The reliability and performance coupled with Dantherm’s customer focused service finally provides the markets with a superior wall-mount unit to meet the high demand for this type of products.

Troy F. Berg, President and CEO

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About Dantherm

Over the past 28 years, Dantherm Cooling has established itself as a leader in innovative cooling systems, supplying more than 300,000 climate control units to mission critical applications. By applying a passion for performance and quality throughout our company, Dantherm has become known for providing outstanding performance and efficiency. Backed by an experienced design team, quality manufacturing processes and extensive testing and certification practices, Dantherm Cooling can provide customers with engineered solutions to their most challenging applications.