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We’re going Digital!! On product manuals that is!

Have you ever had to spend your valuable time searching for a user manual? Something that seems so insignificant, that is until you need it. Or perhaps you have the manual but it’s missing the one page that tells you how to configure the Ethernet connectivity on your controller.

Now you have to search for the technical support phone number, that is if the company even has one, and when you finally get through, hopefully you get a live person and not a scripted robot.

Queue Dantherm Cooling. Not only do we have a dedicated US based technical support team just a phone call or email away, but now you can get any product manual direct to your smart device with the simple scan of a QR code.

Now end users, HVAC technicians, and anyone else in the field interfacing with your equipment will have instant access to product information saving time, resources, and creating a true value add to your enclosure.

Just another small touch that helps your brand build Exceptional Value with Dantherm Cooling!

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