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We created the Dantherm Arena as a celebration to our team, customers and to provide accountability to every step of our process. The Arena is more than just about cooling…It’s about gratitude, a thank you to our team, suppliers and customers and the results of innovation and doing what we say we will do.

We learned a long time ago that deciding to be the leader in innovation was a much better approach than chasing the industry. With that approach it put us in a position to be your partner with solutions that matter. “We cool your future” We provide you an edge to gain market share over competition. We are ready to go in high volume with great quality on short notice making you faster at delivery. All these factors are built into our DNA and into the Arena.

We are also happy to share the Arena with you and show our gratitude in person. These are powerful tools for success that will always be out of reach for those  unwilling to risk being different. That is what it takes to make your mark these days: Cooling from a different perspective and a fearless attitude.


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