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Visitors to the Dantherm manufacturing floor in Spartanburg, South Carolina, get to experience the Dantherm Arena. What started as a way to streamline our production processes and make sure everyone was working toward common goals and could actually see what was happening in real time. Now, the Arena has become a destination and a point of pride. The reason for this is because it physically demonstrates the importance of every single member of the Dantherm team.

A common definition of team describes it as a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. For Dantherm, the definition of team is far stronger than that, although we would agree we’re all on the same side in our mission. The Dantherm team is united behind the common goal of creating solutions for our customers, and our team strategy is bound by a culture of servant leadership. No one member of the team is more important than any other one, and whether we win or lose in our daily pursuits, we always start and finish together. Nowhere is our culture of servant leadership and true teamwork more evident than on the literal backbone of the Dantherm Arena, set in the middle of the production floor. The Arena has become our hub of communication for the entire team, and it is the literal and physical epicenter of how our team functions on a daily basis.

Explore the back of the Dantherm Arena and you’ll see our entire team outfitted in Dantherm jerseys, and you’ll notice the players, the ones who make the plays and get the cheers from the fans (for us that’s our customers), are the ones on the floor making Dantherm solutions come to life and sending them out the door. The bottom level of the team, visually represented as a support crew for the players, is comprised of management and leadership, but at Dantherm we take a different approach. Our support crew of leadership is ensuring the players on the manufacturing floor have the tools, the equipment, and the supplies and training they need to play their best each and every day.

We’ve all watched the rise and fall of star athletes. The ones who seem destined for ultimate success, but without the support of a team as strong as their weaknesses, those once lauded first round draft picks are left looking for new careers and forgotten by most. However, at Dantherm, it’s the team that gets the attention. It’s the Dantherm team that produces electronic cooling solutions on a daily basis that keep other teams around the world connected, functioning, and winning at their own games.