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This week we unveiled the Dantherm Cooling Arena. A brain child of our production manager Kevin Lanford, The Dantherm Arena will serve as a central communications hub for tracking several key metrics critical to our success, with complete transparency for everyone on the team. While Kevin crafted the inside of the arena, our President, Gregory Kaye, made sure the arena was complete by adding a visual exterior that serves multiple purposes. A Wall of fame for employees, a fan appreciation section for those who support us and a main wall that showcases the entire team to ensure we celebrate everyone that makes Dantherm Cooling successful on a daily basis.

From all the long hours our team members spent to make sure every detail was correct, to the support from our leadership at Dane Manufacturing, it was truly a “team effort”, Hence our custom Jerseys! True to the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”, in our case it takes a team to grow a company and each member is critical to our success!

It’s been an incredible week here at Dantherm Cooling and we want to thank everyone who helped make it all possible!

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