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Case Study – DC versus AC voltage Energy Savings

While our competitors are just starting out on DC voltage cooling, Dantherm Cooling has been the Authority in DC active cooling solutions for nearly a decade.

Unlike some manufacturers who may use power inverters to operate less expensive lower quality AC voltage components, Dantherm Cooling Precision Air systems utilize -48 DC input voltage to operate true -48 volt DC components from the highest quality suppliers in the industry.  With names like EBM-Papst, Hitachi and Texas Instruments to name a few, you are guaranteed the longest MTBFs in the cooling industry.

Just in case Exceptional Reliability is not enough, with an average annual energy savings of 40-50% on PrecisionAir® models and 70% on ThermoFlow® models over their AC voltage counterparts, Dantherm Cooling DC voltage units create Exceptional Value for their owners.  In fact, ROI on Dantherm PrecisionAir units are under a year in many cases!

Check out the White Paper here: AC versus DC cooling