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Macro Sites • 4G Distribution • 5G Small Cell • Discrete Installations • Smart Cities

Our Products

HexFlow ®

Our air-to-air heat exchangers provide cost-effective, energy-e­fficient temperature control.


ThermoFlow ®

Our proprietary heat exchange technology delivers maximum thermal control in a passive system without traditional mechanical equipment.


PrecisionAir ®

Our closed-loop air conditioning units deliver efficient, reliable climate control to critical equipment applications.


Optional Equipment

Forward thinking options that help you get the most value out of your Dantherm Cooling system.

In The News

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Our success is rooted on the belief that our people come first. Family, Customers, and then Products - In that order. We are always looking for ways to give back to our team. Like last year in the middle of the pandemic, when regular staples were impossible to find on...

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We’re Going Green

We’re Going Green

Dantherm Cooling is going GREEN! - belts that is. Lean Master Black Belt, Personal Kanban Expert, and manufacturing GURU Kevin Lanford sails a tight ship on the Dantherm Cooling production floor. To help facilitate this Kevin believes in constant training and...

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LEGO® Rick

Dan is at it again! Check out his latest video of "LEGO®Rick" (Rick Schmidt) as he inspects a PrecisionAir® unit on a remote telecom site. To learn more about what makes Dantherm Units the strongest in the industry, check out  ...

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