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Our Products


Our air-to-air heat exchangers provide cost-effective, energy-e­fficient temperature control.


Our proprietary heat exchange technology delivers maximum thermal control in a passive system without traditional mechanical equipment.


Our closed-loop air conditioning units deliver efficient, reliable climate control to critical equipment applications.


Our energy-saving, free air cooling solution gives you flexible options for total heat management.

True Teamwork in the Dantherm Arena

True Teamwork in the Dantherm Arena

Visitors to the Dantherm manufacturing floor in Spartanburg, South Carolina, get to experience the Dantherm Arena. What started as a way to streamline our production processes and make sure everyone was working toward common goals and could actually see what was...

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Just Call Us Crazy

Just Call Us Crazy

There are many things a company or leadership team might aspire to be known for, but have you ever encountered a team that calls themselves crazy? At Dantherm, you’ll learn we view crazy as a compliment and a mantra. Look up the word crazy in the dictionary and you’ll...

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Meet Tasha Sutherland

Meet Tasha Sutherland

As a testing technician on the PrecisionAir assembly line, Tasha says one of her favorite things about her job at Dantherm is “It feels like family. …we all work together!” As a single mother of 2, Tasha knows the importance of family. “…my kids are my life!” she...

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