Safeguard your critical equipment and the environment with Dantherm Cooling’s DualAir system that uses high-volume free-air cooling to maintain optimal temperatures and save energy. When outside temperatures rise, however, a backup air conditioner kicks in to maintain stable temperatures within the cabinet or enclosure.


Technology And Features

As global industry increasingly adopts measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Dantherm Cooling was among the first companies to develop a brand-new solution to address this challenge: the DualAir combination cooling system.

DualAir units use environmentally-friendly, free-air cooling technology in normal operation mode to pull in outside air and circulate heat out of the cabinet or enclosure. When outside temperatures rise above acceptable thresholds, a backup air conditioner engages to keep the internal temperature at an optimal level. The low energy, free-air cooling system reduces both operating expenses and environmental impact.

In free-air cooling mode, the DualAir system complies with Ingress Protection Level 55 (IP55) standards, protecting the

cabinet, shelter, or enclosure from dust and moisture. In addition, our patented Air Maze air inlet protection feature discharges water, sand, leaves, and snow before they reach the filter.

These features make Dantherm Cooling’s DualAir system an ideal cooling solution for even the most extreme environments.


  • Free-air cooling system saves energy in normal running mode
  • Backup A/C regulates temperature in warmer climates
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces operating expenses
  • IP55-compliant
  • Patented Air Maze filtration protects equipment

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