Investor relations policy

Dantherm aims to pursue an open and active information policy in relation to all external stakeholders and to promote dialogue with investors, stockbrokers, analysts and other stakeholders.

By providing information about the company's activities, strategies, expectations and risk position, Dantherm seeks to provide the share market with an objective foundation for pricing the company's shares.

To keep the company's shareholders and stakeholders in the financial market informed, the management will as a minimum strive to publish quarterly reports via NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. In order to comply with these formal and informal commitments to the share market (including NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen), the management will also immediately publish information about important circumstances which may be assumed to be material to the pricing of the Dantherm share.

The management is positive about participating in meetings with investors, stockbrokers, share analysts, financial journalists etc. in order to provide up-to-date information on the company's strategy and activities. However, in order to comply with its information obligations, Dantherm does not wish to participate in investor meetings for a period of three weeks prior to the publication of financial statements.

All registered shareholders in Dantherm will automatically receive invitations to general meetings.

Financial Calendar

31.08.2016 Half year financial report 2016

27.04.2016 General meeting 2016

29.03.2016 Annual report 2015